SOLCAL® IR 4.0 - SOLTEQ® Engineering Equipment


Computer Aided Learning

SOLCAL® IR4.0 software is a suite of computer aided learning modules designed to complement laboratory classes and speed up the learning curve. Being Web Based, it can be used as an online learning module especially where access to laboratory facilities is limited or restricted. By incorporating Internet of Things, resources can be shared by different study groups or campuses, enabling a lower cost of investment by technical education providers. Upon completion of the exercise, a question and answer session can be conducted to test whether the student has achieved the learning objectives.

Please find below the features and options you may add on to enhance your SOLCAL® IR4.0 application experience:

Standard Features:

  • Web Based Presentation
  • Process Modelling (selected models only)
  • Real-time Access to Teaching Equipments (selected models only)
  • Experiment Manuals and Sample Results
  • Augmented / Virtual Reality
  • Q & A Session

Optional / Add-on Features:

  • Augmented / Virtual Reality
  • Q & A Session